“I wish I could pass along every amazing comment I have heard about the mural this week but I would be typing forever…and those with Facebook have posted pictures, but if you could just see the kids faces as they pass it would really move you.  Thank you all for coming to our crazy little school and doing this for kids who otherwise would not get this opportunity!”
— Dean Bollendorf, the art teacher at the Benjamin Rush Elementary School


“Bucks Artists in Residence has been a program our students look forward to each year. The diverse learning opportunities provided give our children a better sense and appreciation of the arts. Because of the program, the aesthetics of our school have been improved from a colorful mural that is a sense of pride and accomplishment for all stakeholders in our school community. Out elementary school has been greatly impacted from the benefits of BucksAIR.”
— John Harlan, Principal of Sol Feinstone Elementary School, Newtown, PA


“AIR grants have given our students the opportunity to learn, meet and interact with professional, practicing artists. These talented individuals have also proven to be very fine teachers; thereby encouraging and developing a respect and appreciation for the arts among our students.”
— Ken Silver, Principal, New Hope-Solebury Lower Elementary School, New Hope, PA


“The hands-on nature of this project was wonderful. The students were totally engaged, and it led easily into a writing project. They were very excited about their final projects.”
— Teacher, from Goodnoe Elementary School, Newtown, PA


“On behalf of the Walt Disney School community, thank you so very much for all you have done to make this marvelous project a reality. You are the best and we love you!”
— Faye Manicke, Principal, Walt Disney Elementary, Levittown, PA


“The project April (Zay) picked for my special needs students was perfect. The different textures of the objects incorporated into their collages was great for sensory stimulation. April combined enthusiasm and professionalism for a great lesson and I am eager to use her next year.”
— Jeff Gross, Special Education Teacher, Edison High School, Philadelphia, PA