Explore rhythm, harmony and melody from classics to rap, from many cultures.

You Can Make Songs

Students will become familiar with what goes into Songwriting. Basic elements of music will be discussed and demonstrated, including: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, and Diction & Lyrics. Examples will include various musical styles with familiar as well as contemporary songs. Students will see how different elements can change a songs interpretation and will be […]

Exploring Native America Through Dance & Drum

This one day residency uses dance and percussion to explore a Native American poem. Based on the text Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message by Chief Jake Swamp, the students will participate in moving and playing to the English translation of the Mohawk text. Through movement, students will explore the poem’s themes of […]


The innovative quartet, Half-N-Half, made up of trombone players Brian Mahany and Bob Suttmann, and cellists Susan Lerner and Betsy Loughran was formed as a result of the musician’s mutual interest in playing jazz and popular, as well as classical, chamber music.  Due to the eclectic nature of the instrumentation, we have utilized the compositional […]

America, The Multicultural Music Melting Pot

Students will observe and learn about musical instruments that are uniquely American and that have come to America from many diverse cultures from around the world. Students will hear demonstrations of these instruments in their original settings as well as how these instruments can be used in contemporary musical applications. Instruments include: Banjo, Guitar, Snare […]

It’s A Wonderful World of Percussion

Students will see instruments from and learn about all the different families of percussion. Students will learn through interactive group participation about the origins of percussion. Students will also experience percussion as it is used in a variety of musical styles from around the globe. Students will learn about modern developments such as vocal percussions […]

Rock the Boat

Ever wonder where a Hippo goes at night, or what’s a Shark’s favorite meal? The answers can be found in this concert style performance featuring the fun, quirky, and educational songs of Rock the Boat. Students will clap, sing, and dance as our band reveals the mysteries of life under the sea! Curriculum: Science, Music […]

Where Dance and Music Meet: Boomwhackers Percussion Tubes

This one day residency will explore the physicality of rhythm with “boomwhackers” percussion tubes. Following a dance warm up and percussion practice, students will participate in creating different rhythmic patterns and structures using the plastic tubes. Choreographic elements of unison, cannon and opposition will also be explored. The session will culminate in the creation of […]

Listen, Create, Go!

“Listen, Create, Go!” is a music program which capitalizes on the innate improvisatory talent of children. Borrowing from the techniques of the “Orff-Schulwerk,” it involves RHYTHM (beginning on the first day with body-percussion), SINGING, and MOVEMENT (elementary choreography). The goal is STORY-TELLING through the mediums of music and movement, and the finished product is performed […]

Meet the Composer / Be the Composer

The workshop begins with a short presentation on what is a composer and different ways that music can be notated. We then explore the definition of “what is music” and the concept of music as organized sound. After this introduction, the children will use their voices, bodies, classroom objects, and most important- their imaginations to […]

Just Imagine

Dave Fry’s popular elementary school show, Just Imagine, mixes folk and rock and roll, spontaneous songwriting, storytelling and, of course, audience participation.  Dave includes acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, an occasional banjo, as well as unaccompanied singing. Dave Fry turns folk selections—both widely known and new to kids’ ears—into true adventures. He sings of wild animal […]


Explore the art of stop-motion animation using ipads and your imagination. Students will create the story, clay characters and voices to make their own short movies or music videos. Curriculum: Literary arts, clay, theatre, music Residency Length: 1-5 days Materials Fee: $3.00 per child Dan Simcox ClayDrawing & PaintingLiterary ArtsMixed MediaMusicTheatre K123456789-12