Literary Arts

Use words to rhyme, express feelings and describe the world around us through stories and poems.

Pictures, Figures, Caricatures, Oh My

  There are unlimited ways for your inventive abilities as an artist to express yourself. In this residency,  we’ll explore the wondrous field of Illustration, including Figure Drawing, Cartooning and Caricatures. Be inspired by remarkable illustrators and caricature artists from around the world, such as Miguel Covarrubias, Albert Hirschfeld, even Leonardo Da Vinci and Claude […]

Book Arts with STEAM

Inspire students to create their own handmade books for drawing and writing using STEAM-based concepts.  Choose from origami, marbleized covers or plantable seed paper book arts techniques that best match your curriculum and grade level. Additional book arts workshops available by request. Curriculum: n/a Residency Length: 1-2 days Materials Fee: $2 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing […]

3-D Pop-Up Art Journals: Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Students will use liquid watercolors to “Tie-Dye” paper towels, creating colorful geometric patterns. The tie dyed paper towels will be used to create collages on paper. The collages will become covers for the journals. Students will use basic Origami to create the pop-up pages of the journal. The front and back covers of the journal are constructed with scrap […]

A-Musing Ways to Stir Up Poems

Workshop with poet Lynn Levin utilizes a variety of age-appropriate poem prompts and creativity exercises to help students discover new ways of describing the world around them and expressing their feelings and thoughts. These poem-generating techniques may include composing color poems, dinner table and kitchen poems, “invisible kid” poems (in which the students make believe they are […]

Improv and the Playwright

Improv games teach children to release the power within their own imagination as well as the joys of working together. This workshop uses improv to illustrate those points while also teaching students the elements of story structure, dramatic tension and characterization. Students begin with ensemble building through quick-thinking pantomime games and working together to tell […]

Bringing Books to Life

Age-appropriate books are selected by the teacher or by the artist to tie in with classroom curriculum (for instance: Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern or One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer). Working in smaller groups the students analyze the story, discern its essential plot points and structure. They cast, stage, costume and rehearse their version of the story […]

Book Arts in the Classroom

Inspire students to create their own books. Styles include accordion, pop-up, wearable books and journals. Students will personalize their books using stamps, drawings, painting and collage. Books can be used to hold students’ poetry, short stories and art work. Curriculum: literacy, creative writing Residency Length: 2-3 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing & PaintingFiber […]

Children’s Book Writing

Students will create their very own children’s book. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will take them through the process she went through in coming up with the idea for and writing her children’s book, “My Name is Rebecca Romm, Named after My Mother’s Mom.” Students will learn about developing relatable children’s book characters coming from their […]


Students will create journals based on their own real life experiences. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will review how her own journaling led to the development of her memoir. Rachel will aid students through journal prompts and help them write about subjects they are already familiar with explaining how to put that knowledge into words on […]

Creative Writing

Students will get the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and write a fictional short story. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will work with them on character development, story settings and story structure. Rachel will also provide the students with creative writing prompts and can tailor the program to various ages. For those looking for […]

Designing a Comic Page or Poster

Students will create a large poster using colored pencils and ink.  Cover art and panels will be done in group formations.Each student will be responsible for the layout, design and color theory to attract their audience. Using bold expressive graphic design elements for their newspaper comic will allow them to carefully and effectively construct eye catching […]


Explore the art of stop-motion animation using ipads and your imagination. Students will create the story, clay characters and voices to make their own short movies or music videos. Curriculum: Literary arts, clay, theatre, music Residency Length: 1-5 days Materials Fee: $3.00 per child Dan Simcox ClayDrawing & PaintingLiterary ArtsMixed MediaMusicTheatre K123456789-12

Lights! Camera! Action! Clay Characters & Stage Props

This workshop will set the stage for creative and flexible detailed characters ready for display or film, students will build their own shoe box stage and clay characters as well as props. Curriculum: social studies, literary arts, theatre Residency Length: 2 Days Materials Fee: $5 per student Elaine Morales ClayLiterary ArtsMixed MediaTheatre 3456789-12