Sculpt, coil and mold to create 3-D objects. All projects can be fired by the teaching artists. An inexpensive way to add ceramics to your educational programs.

Clay Bee Skeps (Houses)

Students will discover the art and history of beekeeping while creating clay bee skeps. Artist Cynthia Scott will demonstrate how to make a bee skep while teaching students the coil method of hand-building. Curriculum: Science, Bees, Bee Keeping, Ceramics Residency Length: 2 days Materials Fee: Cynthia Scott Clay 234

An Eye for Art: A Day at the Museum

  Bring New York City’s MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) to your school..! Join our exciting and innovative course and explore the Modern Art movements from mid- 1800s through the late 1970s, including de Stijl, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Art Nouveau! Let’s be inspired by the renowned styles and revolutionary works of Piet Mondrian, Wassily […]

Plaster Relief

Students will make a mold using air dry clay pressed into a foam tray. Students will use natural objects, like leaves, shells or plants to press impressions into the wet clay. They will pour plaster into the wet clay molds. When the plaster is set, it’s removed from the clay and the students are left with an a […]

Japanese Teabowls, Scrolls & Ceremony

Explore the history and tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony. Students will learn about this ancient ritual that has been practiced since the 13th century. Examples of traditional Japanese ceramics will be discussed and shown for inspiration. After a demonstration, students will each make their own tea bowl out of clay and decorate it with […]

Clay Gargoyles

Each student will use their imagination to create their own medieval gargoyles using terra cotta clay, pinch pot construction and basic handbuilding techniques. The students will look at European and American architecture and discuss the various styles and uses of gargoyles as decoration, protection and as functional waterspouts. The gargoyles will be fired. Curriculum: Medieval […]

Native American Storytellers

Students will learn about Helen Cordero, a native American artist from the Cochiti Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico, who created the first clay storytellers. We will discuss her techniques, as well as, where clay comes from and its different forms and stages, using both pictures of Ms. Codero’s work and samples of my own work. […]

Mosaic Bench Project

Each student will create, out of clay, a unique tile that will be glazed, fired and added to broken commercial tiles to complete a themed mosaic bench. The benches will become a lasting legacy and a thing of beauty which can be located indoors or outdoors. Completed benches can be seen at Goodnoe Elementary in […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: An Introduction to Clay

Using Eric Carle’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar as inspiration, students will learn the basics of sculpting. Each student will create both a caterpillar on a leaf and a butterfly using the textures found on his/her sneakers. Both sculptures will be glazed in bright colors and then fired. A wonderful introduction to clay! Curriculum: Animal studies, Literature, […]

Custom Mosaic Mural

Mosaic artist, Terri Herring, will work with grade level or entire school community to create a custom mosaic mural to be permanently installed in school. Each student will form, out of clay, a unique tile that will be glazed, fired and incorporated into the mural. From brainstorming ideas to the final installation, students will work […]

“Wild Things” Clay Monster Faces

Using the book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, as inspiration,  students will learn the basics of sculpting. Each student will create a unique monster face out of clay. The monster faces will be glazed in bright colors and then fired.  Students will have a fun introduction to clay while reading a classic book. This project […]

Empty Bowls Community Service Project

Students will learn about hunger in our community by participating in a community service project.  Each student will create a hand-crafted, clay bowl using assorted textures, stamps and colored glazes.  The entire community will come together for a meal (soup, macaroni & cheese, cereal and milk, etc.) in which the bowl of food is “purchased.”  […]

Natural Printmaking

Using natural materials students will experience early stages of printmaking as they form textures and make natural dyes using potatoes, beets, leaves, tea bags and berries. Curriculum: Science, Social studies Residency Length: 1 or 2 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per child Elaine Morales ClayMixed Media K123456789-12


Explore the art of stop-motion animation using ipads and your imagination. Students will create the story, clay characters and voices to make their own short movies or music videos. Curriculum: Literary arts, clay, theatre, music Residency Length: 1-5 days Materials Fee: $3.00 per child Dan Simcox ClayDrawing & PaintingLiterary ArtsMixed MediaMusicTheatre K123456789-12

Lights! Camera! Action! Clay Characters & Stage Props

This workshop will set the stage for creative and flexible detailed characters ready for display or film, students will build their own shoe box stage and clay characters as well as props. Curriculum: social studies, literary arts, theatre Residency Length: 2 Days Materials Fee: $5 per student Elaine Morales ClayLiterary ArtsMixed MediaTheatre 3456789-12