Recycled Garden 3-D Mural

Joyful Art Made from Recycled Materials

Create a permanent 3-D mural made of  recycled plastic signage.  Artist, Colleen Attara, will demonstrate the many ways she uses reclaimed materials. Under Colleen's guidance, the students will create their own recycled garden mural  filled with trees, leaves, birds pulling balloons, hearts and flowers. The size of the garden depends on the size of the class.  This can be a yearly project, where a class adds onto it annually.  The reclaimed signage  for the project would be cut at a plastic fabrication plant and primed and sanded at the artist's studio.  The students would each paint a part of the mural. They would mix colors, and proudly design the pieces that will be a part of the permanent 3-D recycled mural.  On the final day, the installation is installed.  This takes several hours and sometimes more than one visit depending on the size of the class and the project.

Curriculum: Recycling, nature, can be customized
Residency Length: 2-4 days
Materials Fee: To be determined