Eric Carle and Paste Paper Collage

I will show the students one of my paste paper paintings. We will discuss the techniques that I used to create different textures. The students will discover what texture is by touching their hair and clothing. I will relate my artwork and the use of textures as I read the Eric Carle book, The Mixed-Up Chameleon. A lively discussion will ensue, as we discuss how we think Eric Carle created his illustrations, as well as, his silly animal parts. Each child will have an opportunity to make 3-4 paste papers using an assortment of colors that I have pre-mixed. Patterns and textures will be applied using combs, stamps and other found objects. This is a high-energy, fun activity. Once dried and flattened, we will cut up the colorful paste papers and the children will create their own mixed-up imaginary animals a la Eric Carle. The students will be encouraged to think creatively.

Curriculum: Study of Eric Carle’s many books, story writing about student’s completed mixed-up animals, some classes made mixed –up insects instead of animals to tie-in to a classroom unit on insects Note: There is an excellent Eric Carle video in the Sol Feinstone Elementary School library. It shows how he makes his illustrations and runs about 40 minutes long. The video is great to watch before the residency, but also works well afterwards.
Residency Length: 2 days
Materials Fee: $2.50 / student