Ongoing courses in Theatre and Drama

Improv and the Playwright

Improv games teach children to release the power within their own imagination as well as the joys of working together. This workshop uses improv to illustrate those points while also teaching students the elements of story structure, dramatic tension and characterization. Students begin with ensemble building through quick-thinking pantomime games and working together to tell […]

Bringing Books to Life

Age-appropriate books are selected by the teacher or by the artist to tie in with classroom curriculum (for instance: Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern or One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer). Working in smaller groups the students analyze the story, discern its essential plot points and structure. They cast, stage, costume and rehearse their version of the story […]


Explore the art of stop-motion animation using ipads and your imagination. Students will create the story, clay characters and voices to make their own short movies or music videos. Curriculum: Literary arts, clay, theatre, music Residency Length: 1-5 days Materials Fee: $3.00 per child Dan Simcox ClayDrawing & PaintingLiterary ArtsMixed MediaMusicTheatre K123456789-12

Lights! Camera! Action! Clay Characters & Stage Props

This workshop will set the stage for creative and flexible detailed characters ready for display or film, students will build their own shoe box stage and clay characters as well as props. Curriculum: social studies, literary arts, theatre Residency Length: 2 Days Materials Fee: $5 per student Elaine Morales ClayLiterary ArtsMixed MediaTheatre 3456789-12