Fiber Arts

Create with textiles, using fabrics, yarn, reeds and straw.

STEAM String Art

  Students will have the opportunity to make dynamic, symmetrical, circular designs on cards, using string, all created using a series of straight lines. Students start by threading the string across the cards in a specific order to achieve the design of their choosing. This project is a great tie in to any STEAM curriculum. […]

Quilt Making as a Community

Tell a story through images! Textile artist Gabrielle Kanter will guide students in the creation of personalized quilt squares that will be combined into a larger group project. Finished quilt squares will be sewn together by the artist to create a stunning wall hanging for installation your school that will show a community representation of […]

Book Arts with STEAM

Inspire students to create their own handmade books for drawing and writing using STEAM-based concepts.  Choose from origami, marbleized covers or plantable seed paper book arts techniques that best match your curriculum and grade level. Additional book arts workshops available by request. Curriculum: n/a Residency Length: 1-2 days Materials Fee: $2 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing […]

Wet Felting

Wet felting is a centuries old craft in which felt is produced from wool. On day 1, students will create a design out of wool roving. On day 2, students will apply warm soapy water to the layers of wool roving. The artist will demonstrate how to agitate and compress the wool which will causes the fibers […]


This workshop is an introduction to the art of Japanese paper folding. I will introduce the kids to Origami by showing them some examples of Origami models created by engineers and mathematicians. Students will learn how Origami is a visual language, and how to understand the language. Students can expect to fold 3-4 origami models. This workshop is tailored […]

3-D Pop-Up Art Journals: Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Students will use liquid watercolors to “Tie-Dye” paper towels, creating colorful geometric patterns. The tie dyed paper towels will be used to create collages on paper. The collages will become covers for the journals. Students will use basic Origami to create the pop-up pages of the journal. The front and back covers of the journal are constructed with scrap […]

1-Day Basketry

We will weave baskets with emphasis on techniques, history, use of color and materials, K — Rolled paper cone basket patterned after NE Native American Birch Bark one OR weave paper bowl baskets with construction paper and yarn as featured in workshops at the Smithsonian Museum. 1st grade — students will weave paper bowl baskets with construction paper […]

The Art of Papermaking

Students will explore the history and tradition of papermaking. Transforming recycled paper, students will each make several sheets of new paper using the pouring method with tin cans and cookie cutters. Students will also create multi-colored pulp paintings. These hands-on methods will give students a complete understanding of how plant fibers become paper. Curriculum: language […]

Life Size Weaving

Explore and create life-size weavings using plastic construction fencing as looms and weaving with assorted fabrics, yarns, ribbons, wires, and other found materials. Students will learn about the craft of weaving by looking at samples from many different cultures. The process of procuring and dyeing yarn will be discussed, as well as, different types of […]


We will weave baskets with emphasis on techniques, history, use of color and materials. 4th—6th grade—round, double base baskets based on native American designs will be made. These utilize dyed and natural reed. ALSO—historical presentations in costume can also be made to all groups, featuring baskets and lifestyles of the times—either Colonial or Victorian. 15 […]

Book Arts in the Classroom

Inspire students to create their own books. Styles include accordion, pop-up, wearable books and journals. Students will personalize their books using stamps, drawings, painting and collage. Books can be used to hold students’ poetry, short stories and art work. Curriculum: literacy, creative writing Residency Length: 2-3 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing & PaintingFiber […]