Grade: Eighth

Paper Quilling

  Students will learn about the art of paper quilling. Students will learn how to curl paper to create different shapes. We will go over what makes good design and how to choose which colors and shapes to use to create dynamic 3-dimensional pictures, all from paper.   Curriculum: Art, science Residency Length: 1 day […]

STEAM String Art

  Students will have the opportunity to make dynamic, symmetrical, circular designs on cards, using string, all created using a series of straight lines. Students start by threading the string across the cards in a specific order to achieve the design of their choosing. This project is a great tie in to any STEAM curriculum. […]

Matisse Inspired Figure Collages

Students will create their own collage using artwork by Henri Matisse as inspiration.  For the first part of the session, students will only be allowed to rip paper to create the background of their project. Younger students will create abstract backgrounds and will learn about showing movement in art. They will have a chance to […]

STEAM: Geometric Tiles

Students will fold paper squares into 3 dimensional triangles. The triangles will be glued together on a large square to make unique geometric designs.  Students can make symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Some students will layer the triangles and some will use them to make new squares. This project is a great addition to any STEAM curriculum. […]

Mexican Foil Tooling Birds, Inspired by Frida Kahlo

In this art workshop students will learn about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The teaching artist will share the book “Me, Frida” by AMY NOVESKY. The book is a beautifully illustrated story about Frida’s first visit to New York, from her home in Mexico. Every page in the book features a bird that follows Frida […]

Glitch Art

Using computers, students will be taught the techniques of Glitch Art and create something new out of something broken. Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices.  Although Glitch Art is a relatively new underground digital art form; the concept of Glitch Art has existed since 1962, […]

Double Exposure

Student’s will have a hands-on experience with digital photography and editing technology.  The first day will consist of the students using cameras (preferably DSLRs provided by the school) or they could use any type of camera phone. (Note: if no cameras or cellphones are available, the project can be done with a database of fair-use […]

Pop Art and “high-top” Sneaker Sculpture

Students will discover the art of the 1960’s and the pop art of artist Andy Warhol.  AIR artist, Cynthia Scott will demonstrate how to make a 3-D high-top sneaker sculpture out of cereal boxes. This project is a “big hit” with students! They are required to bring a cereal box to class with them to create […]

Japanese Paper Fans

AIR Artist Cynthia Scott will introduce students to the art of Japan. They will learn about the uses of a folding fan through history and design their own Japanese folding fan using traditional symbols. Students will also learn the history and use of a chop (a unique stamp that serves as a personal signature) that […]

Cubist Mask Making

Inspired by the cubist artwork of Pablo Picasso, students will use recycled cardboard to create 3-D masks. A popular theme among children, this mask-making project generates a lot of excitement and promotes original thinking. AIR Artist Cynthia Scott will demonstrate how to design a cubist style mask and explain the art elements that are utilized. Curriculum: […]

Custom Pictorial Mural

The most prominent characteristic of a Mural is uniting the architectural elements of your space with the aesthetic beauty of the painting. Unlike wall papers or store- bought stickers, when a colorful mural is created on your wall, it will present a fresh, inspiring feeling in your environment! Collaborating with teachers, students and staff about […]

Painting on Black Canvas

  Let’s explore the wondrous field of Black and White Illustration and expand your drawing and painting skills in the engaging exercise: Painting on Black Canvas! Working with a black canvas adds a unique dimension to your painting and to your artistic process and perception. Through the use of black and white acrylic paint, we […]

Custom Painted Mural & Scenic Art

Carrie Kingsbury is a local muralist with 15 years experience painting commercial and residential mural projects. Her work tends to reflect the joy and beauty of life as I like my work to be positive and uplifting. For the last 10 years she has enjoyed doing many artist-in-residency’s in public schools, for community centers, and senior centers throughout […]

Pictures, Figures, Caricatures, Oh My

  There are unlimited ways for your inventive abilities as an artist to express yourself. In this residency,  we’ll explore the wondrous field of Illustration, including Figure Drawing, Cartooning and Caricatures. Be inspired by remarkable illustrators and caricature artists from around the world, such as Miguel Covarrubias, Albert Hirschfeld, even Leonardo Da Vinci and Claude […]

An Eye for Art: A Day at the Museum

  Bring New York City’s MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) to your school..! Join our exciting and innovative course and explore the Modern Art movements from mid- 1800s through the late 1970s, including de Stijl, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Art Nouveau! Let’s be inspired by the renowned styles and revolutionary works of Piet Mondrian, Wassily […]

Quilt Making as a Community

Tell a story through images! Textile artist Gabrielle Kanter will guide students in the creation of personalized quilt squares that will be combined into a larger group project. Finished quilt squares will be sewn together by the artist to create a stunning wall hanging for installation your school that will show a community representation of […]

Book Arts with STEAM

Inspire students to create their own handmade books for drawing and writing using STEAM-based concepts.  Choose from origami, marbleized covers or plantable seed paper book arts techniques that best match your curriculum and grade level. Additional book arts workshops available by request. Curriculum: n/a Residency Length: 1-2 days Materials Fee: $2 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing […]

Wet Felting

Wet felting is a centuries old craft in which felt is produced from wool. On day 1, students will create a design out of wool roving. On day 2, students will apply warm soapy water to the layers of wool roving. The artist will demonstrate how to agitate and compress the wool which will causes the fibers […]

Kinetic Sculpture

An ideal combination of art, simple motors and electromagnetism!  Students will create small scale sculptures using pliers, wire and recycled materials.  They will then see them spin and come to life through building and harnessing the energy of a diy motor. Curriculum: n/a Residency Length: 2 days Materials Fee: $5 per student Gabrielle Kanter Mixed […]

Animation Magic

Using an animated movie that I made, I demonstrate the basics of animation with my original cells, background paintings, and light board. The children learn how persistence of vision makes illusion of motion and animation possible. I show them examples of different types of animation, and applying the basic principles they’ve just learned, help them […]


This workshop is an introduction to the art of Japanese paper folding. I will introduce the kids to Origami by showing them some examples of Origami models created by engineers and mathematicians. Students will learn how Origami is a visual language, and how to understand the language. Students can expect to fold 3-4 origami models. This workshop is tailored […]

Modular Origami Suncatchers

This workshop will introduce students to Modular Origami. They will fold multiple pieces of translucent paper to create identical forms. The forms will then be connected together to create a large 8 or 10 point star. This is a great workshop for teaching students about the relationship between art and math. Modular Origami has a lot to do with […]

Plaster Relief

Students will make a mold using air dry clay pressed into a foam tray. Students will use natural objects, like leaves, shells or plants to press impressions into the wet clay. They will pour plaster into the wet clay molds. When the plaster is set, it’s removed from the clay and the students are left with an a […]

3-D Pop-Up Art Journals: Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Students will use liquid watercolors to “Tie-Dye” paper towels, creating colorful geometric patterns. The tie dyed paper towels will be used to create collages on paper. The collages will become covers for the journals. Students will use basic Origami to create the pop-up pages of the journal. The front and back covers of the journal are constructed with scrap […]

Yoga in Motion

Students will ascend to a new level of physical well-being. The origins and history of Yoga as an Eastern health practice will be shown and discussed. Yoga In Motion unites body, mind and spirit through musical rhythms combined with the movements of yoga postures. Students will gain a greater awareness of their bodies and develop […]


The innovative quartet, Half-N-Half, made up of trombone players Brian Mahany and Bob Suttmann, and cellists Susan Lerner and Betsy Loughran was formed as a result of the musician’s mutual interest in playing jazz and popular, as well as classical, chamber music.  Due to the eclectic nature of the instrumentation, we have utilized the compositional […]

A-Musing Ways to Stir Up Poems

Workshop with poet Lynn Levin utilizes a variety of age-appropriate poem prompts and creativity exercises to help students discover new ways of describing the world around them and expressing their feelings and thoughts. These poem-generating techniques may include composing color poems, dinner table and kitchen poems, “invisible kid” poems (in which the students make believe they are […]

Mexico’s Day of the Dead Celebration

Students will learn about the origins and customs of Los Dias de los Muertos in Mexico. Hands-on activities can include making & decorating sugar skulls or making clay skeletons. Program can be customized for your class. Curriculum: Spanish class, study of Mexico Residency Length: 1-2 days Materials Fee: $5.00 / student Terri Herring Mixed Media […]

Mosaic Bench Project

Each student will create, out of clay, a unique tile that will be glazed, fired and added to broken commercial tiles to complete a themed mosaic bench. The benches will become a lasting legacy and a thing of beauty which can be located indoors or outdoors. Completed benches can be seen at Goodnoe Elementary in […]

Art Is For Everyone: Quilt Mural

Tell a story through images! Textile artist Gabrielle Kanter will guide students in the creation of personalized quilt squares that will be combined into a larger group project. Students will use specialized fabric design techniques to illustrate their own narratives. Finished quilt squares will be sewn together by the artist to create a stunning wall […]

Fused Glass Plaque

Students will learn the art of glass fusing by creating a custom glass plaque.  We’ll start by drawing and cutting out letters from special paper, then we’ll decorate our glass using colored glass pieces, glass dots, glass frit (sprinkles) and glass stringers and noodles to create a unique and colorful design.  Projects will be fired […]

Egyptian Mummy Cases

Students will construct and decorate an Egyptian Mummy Case using a variety of materials and hieroglyphics. They will then add their own cartouche, values and beliefs to their mummy cases using Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Students will learn how the Egyptians mummified their dead as a sacred way of honoring them so they would be granted entrance […]

Custom Mosaic Mural

Mosaic artist, Terri Herring, will work with grade level or entire school community to create a custom mosaic mural to be permanently installed in school. Each student will form, out of clay, a unique tile that will be glazed, fired and incorporated into the mural. From brainstorming ideas to the final installation, students will work […]

Empty Bowls Community Service Project

Students will learn about hunger in our community by participating in a community service project.  Each student will create a hand-crafted, clay bowl using assorted textures, stamps and colored glazes.  The entire community will come together for a meal (soup, macaroni & cheese, cereal and milk, etc.) in which the bowl of food is “purchased.”  […]

Introduction to Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of dance, martial arts, acrobatics, music and the Portuguese language. This residency will give students the opportunity to participate in all aspects of Capoeira while simultaneously promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Balance, coordination, endurance, self-expression and respect are just a few of the countless benefits Capoeira […]

Improv and the Playwright

Improv games teach children to release the power within their own imagination as well as the joys of working together. This workshop uses improv to illustrate those points while also teaching students the elements of story structure, dramatic tension and characterization. Students begin with ensemble building through quick-thinking pantomime games and working together to tell […]

Custom Painted Mural

Artist will work with students to create a custom painted mural to beautify your school.  The mural can tie into any curriculum or theme.  The students can be involved in all aspects of planning and painting the mural, or the artist can create solo.  The artist will be glad to meet and discuss different options […]

Interactive Mural

Karina will create a mural based on or around curriculum, working closely with educators to incorporate elements and character from books read throughout the year. The mural can be created independently or in collaboration with students, using her experience as an exhibit designer an illustrator adding various interactive elements such as magnetic sections, mirrors, tiles […]

Drawing Workshop

Karina brings drawing into the classroom, teaching children and young adults to draw more realistically by covering the principles of drawing through introduction and explanation of basic art element and principle of design. She will teach composition, proportion, values, light, line giving students basic tools to continue to draw and observe the world around them.  […]

Murals and Scenic Art

Artist Jennifer Cole enjoys working  with teachers and students to create original painted murals. The works can be drawn from any perspective – curriculum based or not. She likes working with the students and teachers to capture their creativity. Curriculum: All subject areas Residency Length: Time depends on dimension of project – a full week, […]

Book Arts in the Classroom

Inspire students to create their own books. Styles include accordion, pop-up, wearable books and journals. Students will personalize their books using stamps, drawings, painting and collage. Books can be used to hold students’ poetry, short stories and art work. Curriculum: literacy, creative writing Residency Length: 2-3 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per student Gabrielle Kanter Drawing & PaintingFiber […]

Recycled Garden 3-D Mural

Joyful Art Made from Recycled Materials Create a permanent 3-D mural made of  recycled plastic signage.  Artist, Colleen Attara, will demonstrate the many ways she uses reclaimed materials. Under Colleen’s guidance, the students will create their own recycled garden mural  filled with trees, leaves, birds pulling balloons, hearts and flowers. The size of the garden […]

Children’s Book Writing

Students will create their very own children’s book. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will take them through the process she went through in coming up with the idea for and writing her children’s book, “My Name is Rebecca Romm, Named after My Mother’s Mom.” Students will learn about developing relatable children’s book characters coming from their […]


Students will create journals based on their own real life experiences. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will review how her own journaling led to the development of her memoir. Rachel will aid students through journal prompts and help them write about subjects they are already familiar with explaining how to put that knowledge into words on […]

Creative Writing

Students will get the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and write a fictional short story. Author Rachel Levy Lesser will work with them on character development, story settings and story structure. Rachel will also provide the students with creative writing prompts and can tailor the program to various ages. For those looking for […]

Meet the Composer / Be the Composer

The workshop begins with a short presentation on what is a composer and different ways that music can be notated. We then explore the definition of “what is music” and the concept of music as organized sound. After this introduction, the children will use their voices, bodies, classroom objects, and most important- their imaginations to […]

Designing a Comic Page or Poster

Students will create a large poster using colored pencils and ink.  Cover art and panels will be done in group formations.Each student will be responsible for the layout, design and color theory to attract their audience. Using bold expressive graphic design elements for their newspaper comic will allow them to carefully and effectively construct eye catching […]

Recycled Sculpture

Students will create sculptures using recycled items that they bring in from home.  A fun way to combine art and recycling! Curriculum: science, literary, social studies Residency Length: 2 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per student Elaine Morales Mixed Media K123456789-12

Natural Printmaking

Using natural materials students will experience early stages of printmaking as they form textures and make natural dyes using potatoes, beets, leaves, tea bags and berries. Curriculum: Science, Social studies Residency Length: 1 or 2 days Materials Fee: $2.00 per child Elaine Morales ClayMixed Media K123456789-12


Explore the art of stop-motion animation using ipads and your imagination. Students will create the story, clay characters and voices to make their own short movies or music videos. Curriculum: Literary arts, clay, theatre, music Residency Length: 1-5 days Materials Fee: $3.00 per child Dan Simcox ClayDrawing & PaintingLiterary ArtsMixed MediaMusicTheatre K123456789-12